Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Make This Blog Work for You!

Hi everyone, couple of things about this blog. This blog is for everyone in business today. Whether you are a senior executive or small-business owner, brand manager or product manager, marketing manager or sales executive - you will likely gain from shared perspectives on business and marketing. Content is the key to success of any blog - therefore, I spend a good time in researching different business models and marketing strategies before posting them at this blog.

Read new and archive posts from the list under "Blog Archive". Blog posts include key marketing and management topics. This blog focuses on discussion of some of the most complex but insightful concepts and theories of marketing management. Most articles discuss strategic aspects of business and marketing - wherever I can, I'll share my experiences to back it up. And I invite you to comment on these posts and share your experiences.

Contribute to this blog community by posting your comments and starting a discussion thread. Feel free to share your experience at work as relevant to topic of the post.

Again, if you have questions or disagree with the content in the post, please use the "comment" feature at the end of the post. If you would like me to write on topics of your interest - in marketing or business - I will be glad to post articles of your interest.

At the end of each post, I recommend interesting books and literature for further reading. More often than not, I have studied books that I recommend. In some cases, when I post these articles, I make reference from the same books.
To purchase the book, simply click on the book-icon and you will be directed to a discount Amazon online store.

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