Saturday, February 7, 2009

Done your Marketing Audit yet?

Marketing is a strategic weapon! Are you taking full advantage of all your internal assets in a highly leveraged way that will grow and build your company profitably?

The Marketing Audit is proving popular for its recession-proofing ability and because it helps you get the most out of everything you have. It provides the "Road Map" that will help you conduct an Audit of your company's marketing strategies.

The Marketing Audit will help your company to:
  • Position your products and services for optimum sales.
  • Evaluate the competitive environment.
  • Identify problems with your marketing efforts.
  • Evaluate your pricing strategy.
  • Implement cost-effective marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Assess your marketing plan
  • Many more strategies.
The marketing audit explores 10 aspects of your marketing...

1. How you get more customers (lead generation, channel strategy)
2. How you get more dollars per customer (customer profitability)
3. How you get more transactions per customer (scale benefits)
4. How you perform against competitive threats (competition analysis)
5. How well your website and online marketing is performing (channel strategy, product strategy)
6. How good your visual branding is (branding and communication)
7. How well your sales people and sales systems work (sales management)
8. How you define your target market, customers and competition (blue ocean strategies)
9. How you have structured your pricing strategy
10. How well is your marketing mix positioned for recessionary times (product, price, channel and promotion strategies)

Make an investment in both yourself and your business by purchasing this checklist, and then conduct the audit! Your customers will be glad you did. And, when the results show on your bottom line, you will be glad you did also.

Take the Next Step! Where your business has been, or is today, is no longer important. What matters MOST is what comes NEXT! Take the next step on the road to growth and profitability. Contact me at and get a free quote for Marketing Audit Checklist and Consulting.

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